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Protection Case BellaBot

Accessory highlights

Enclosed design: The tray structure can be conveniently converted into an enclosed box, ensuring the cleanliness and quality of food during transport.

Ease of Use: With magnetic opening doors, taking the food inside is a hassle-free task.

Large multi-layered space: The interior is roomy with multiple layers, catering to the demands of various enclosed delivery scenarios.

Security and Stability:The enclosed design guarantees the safety and stability of food during transportation.

Basic parameters
  • Protection Case weight: 16kg
  • Protection Case dimensions: 514*420*677mm
  • Interior dimensions: 478*391*636mm
  • Tray height: 130*250*250mm
  • Load capacity: 3 trays, 10kg/tray, 5kg/box top
  • Material of Protection Case: acrylic + aluminium alloy


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