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  • BellaBot

    An Innovative Delivery Robot

  • HolaBot

    Collecting Robot

  • KettyBot

    Delivery & Reception Robot with an Ad Display

  • SwiftBot

    Secured Protected Delivery Robot

  • CC1

    Intelligent Commercial Cleaning Robot

  • Pudubot2

    Universal Delivery Robot

  • FlashBot

    Building Delivery Robot

  • Puductor2

    Cleaning Environment Robot

Increase Productivity

Robotics solutions. Staffing Problem Solved by Increasing productivity with your current staff

Staffing issues are now the #1 Hospitality problem in 2023. Hiring, training, retention costs are rising. Hotel Robotics and Restaurant Robotics can solve these problems

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Our robots stand out for solving different industry needs.

Our Story

We are a talented, passionate, international group headquartered in Florida working towards a better tomorrow. We are an official “ Created in Miami” company as awarded by the Miami-Dade Beacon Council. We provide the widest assortment of robot staffing products for food runner, bussing, hostess, cleaning, and room service. 

There are many industry solutions such as Pudu Bellabot, HolaBot, SwiftBot, KettyBot, CC1, Puductor2, PuduBot2,FlashBot. We will help you understand the differences to make the right choice for your business. With the average robot hourly cost at only $2, we will show you how to implement a robot staffing program with your existing staff and improve productivity, reduce costs, improve retention and the customer experience.

Delivery Robots



We offer the best and widest selection of service robots, reducing the time to adopt and deploy robotic solutions. Purchase directly and use our Extended Service Program for care-free support.


We offer 24-36 month Robot-As-a-Service program, allowing customers to start small and scale fast. Includes our Extended Service Program for care-free support.



Care-free program covers everything under normal use. Software, hardware. malfunctions are all covered. Replacing any Robot not working correctly if required.


A robot model in passerella to Perugia
We Shipped Nearly 70.000 Units
Recession Concerns Freezing Management Decisions
Restaurant Robotics 2023 Growth Trend
Cleaning Robots for Hotels 2023 Outlook

flounced dress in black tulle and a large colored bow: even a robot took to the catwalk, among the models who animated the first edition of Umbria Fashion in the

November 3, 2023

Great news from Pudu Robotics! According to the latest report "China Service Robot Industry Research" by EqualOcean Intelligence, with nearly 70,000 units shipped worldwide, we are leading the global market

October 24, 2023

Productivity Improvements are recession proof May 2023: Recent research reports have indicated that concerns about a pending recession later this year are causing senior management at many independent restaurants to

May 10, 2023

The “Innovator” Stage April 24, 2023:  Here and there, people are seeing their first restaurant robot operating in restaurants and hotels. The robots are working with the staff to carry

April 27, 2023

Big time saving impact April 24, 2023: Hotel Robotics, restaurant robotics, and service robots are growing in use and here is another reason. Many Hotels, Catering, and Senior Care establishments

April 25, 2023


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