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Building Delivery Robot

Flashbot is Pudu’s latest building delivery robot that can take the elevator to provide safe and reliable room delivery. Powered by cutting-edge technologies, FlashBot takes intelligent delivery to the next level, enabling digital management and services of hotels and office buildings. 

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IoT Technology See FlasBot's Superpower

Delivery Robots

Flexible and Efficient 3D Obstacle Avoidance

3*RGBD camera + Customized lidar. Empower FlashBot with accurate 3D perception to avoid low and suspended obstacles.

Delivery Robots

Modular Adjustable Compartment

The multi-functional compartment maximizes space utilization, enabling FlashBot to perform multiple tasks with a single tap.

Delivery Robots


FlashBot charges itself automatically when its battery is running out to serve you in the best way at any time.

Product Structure

Delivery Robots
Delivery Robots

Pudu Slam

The new PUDU SLAM solution is built on the multi-sensor fusion of Lidar, Camera, UWB, RGBD, and IMU. This proprietary technology enables FlashBot to perform tasks efficiently in complex environments.

Delivery Robots
Delivery Robots

Pudu Scheduler

Multiple robots can cooperate with each other, making the delivery more efficient and intelligent.

Product Specification

Delivery Robots

Product Specification

Machine Dimension 539*515*1050mm

Charging Time 4.5H

Machine Weight 55kg

Battery Life 12H

Payload Max30kg, 15kg/layer

Charging Mode Auto-charging

Compartment Space 2-4 compartments(Adjustable)

Cruise Speed 0.5-1.2m/s

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