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PUDU Pager

Accessory highlights

Efficient calling: Just click on the PUDU Pager and the robot responds quickly for delivery.

Smooth dispatching: Using LORA, it supports offline self-organising network, with strong anti-interference capability and stable signal transmission to ensure smooth dispatching.

Easy to expand: Supports the expansion of multi-level sub-gateways, allowing flexible expansion of the number and range of pagers according to the needs of the scenario.

Long-distance communication: The farthest communication distance between the PUDU Pager and the gateway is 720m, and the farthest communication distance between the gateway and the robot is 80m, which can adapt to the needs of different scenarios and ranges.

Cautions: A minimum of 1 gateway + 1 PUDU Pager + 1 LORA module is required to enable the robot key call function.

Basic parameters
  • PUDU Pager usage time: 0.8-1.2 years
  • Longest communication distance between key PUDU Pager and gateway: 720m
  • Longest communication distance between gateway and robot: 80m


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