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Cleaning Robots for Hotels 2023 Outlook

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April 24, 2023: Hotel Robotics, restaurant robotics, and service robots are growing in use and here is another reason. Many Hotels, Catering, and Senior Care establishments have large rooms for meetings and gatherings that happen daily. These rooms can hold hundreds of attendees, eating, drinking, and walking about. Many locations have several of these large meeting rooms for daily use, at times with one event in the morning, the afternoon, and then the evening. Great profit opportunities that require strong staffing programs to obtain the desired results.

That means a lot of cleaning, arranging, and set-up work must be done, in a timely manner. The staff that handle this has several things to do, and one of them is to clean the floor. Vacuuming and/or mopping activities will require a lot of time to complete but must be done.

Now there is a new way to help the staff, shift their efforts to set-up activities and customer service, and make their job easier. No one must vacuum or mop anymore, using the same staffing budget. The age of Hotel Robotics is here and can now be deployed. And why not!

Staff productivity goes up, staff retention improves, customer service scores grow, and profits increase, with no real budget impact. With the new Cleaning Robots recently launched, the robots will clean the whole room automatically, with minimal human interaction. This frees the staff to focus on more important customer experience functions. Plus eliminated this laborious task from their list of activities, improving job satisfaction scores and retention rates.

But not all Cleaning Robots are the same, and it is a new category of service robots for the hospitality industry. Some are small and better for restaurants, and some are more powerful and better for large meeting rooms. Some are dedicated to just one function; Vacuum or Mopping, but others can do both.

The Pudu CC1 Cleaning robot is a good example and so is the Cenobot SF50, but these are two very different cleaning robots.

The best way to find how to incorporate Hotel Robots into your current budget and make the right decision is contact a leading Hotel Robotics company like VISAL Robotics. You will quickly understand how to put a plan in place for the near future. With Hotel Robotics programs having a net positive impact on the bottom-line profits based on ten thousands of use cases around the world, at the very least today’s hospitality CFO’s are requiring a robotics plan for review. In summary, there is no downside to a robotics plan and strategy and should be part of the new 3-year plan.

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