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Restaurant Robotics 2023 Growth Trend

Delivery Robots

The “Innovator” Stage

April 24, 2023:  Here and there, people are seeing their first restaurant robot operating in restaurants and hotels. The robots are working with the staff to carry plates, deliver drinks, vacuum floors, and greet customers. In most cases the robots are doing the heavy work, allowing the staff to focus on the customer experience. Some are cute with face expressions, verbal responses, and some just do the job, no questions asked.

The Robots are popping up everywhere, from small towns in Tennessee, South Carolina, to big cities like New York and Miami. From the West coast to the East coast, a small base of restaurants and hotels are now using robots. Over a year ago you would have been hard pressed to find a robot in these locations or your local area, but now most cities can point to at least one or more locations. The table is now set for an explosive growth rate to incorporate robots with the existing staff.

Here is why; “Everyone Wins”. The staff, the CFO, the managers, the customers, the owners. A true Win-Win for all. No jobs are lost, current jobs become better, and the bottom line improves.

But that is not the only reasons restaurant robotics and hotel robotics are growing. Most establishments are facing staffing shortages. The service robots can help reduce that issue and allow the current staff to be more productive. It can also improve retention rates as staff job satisfaction scores improve, and in the case of waiters/servers, tips become higher. A double benefit to the bottom line, as retention costs and hiring costs are reduced.

Yes, there are many reasons to consider Restaurant Robots and Hotel Robots, and this one your CFO and COO will love. The average Service Robot costs just $2 per hour to operate and can be on premise 24 hours a day to help with the unexpected daily customer traffic flow shifts. This means the current staff can become 10-20% more productive at the same Hr. budgeted costs and improve sales, customer reviews, and marketing spending. With staffing sometimes accounting for 30% of operating costs, this could produce a 6% bottom-line profit improvement. That is huge, and a real reason every single restaurant and hotel business should have a robotics program reviewed and in place in the near term.

With many robot brands like Pudu , Keenon, BEAR, Cenobot, Funji, to mention a few, it could be confusing on what is the best robot for your operation, but there is help.

There are several companies like VISAL Robotics, that can help you learn how to add robots to your current staffing plan and select the best robotics program to fit your establishment. This could be the program that lifts your profits beyond expectations.

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